Help reduce the amount of electronics that are sent to landfills. Encourage your friends and families to restore broken items. Save money and help preserve our environment for our children and grandchildren.
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Help Save the Environment, Repair Your Electronics
Some of Our Specialities Include:
▪ Home Theatre Systems
▪ Projectors
▪ Video Cameras
▪ Car Audio Systems
▪ Computers
▪ Digital Control Boards
▪ Treadmills
▪ Video Game Systems
▪ Electronic Drum Kits
▪ Amplifiers
▪ Home Automation
▪ Home Appliances
▪ Keyboards
▪ Networking

& More..

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for all of your electronic repair and supply needs.

In a sentence...We will repair anything electronic! Whether it’s factory, home or automotive electronics, you can trust us for ALL your electronics repair needs.

Request a house call or purchase supplies online. We guarantee our work so you can be rest assured that every repair we make will meet our high standards of quality and reliability.
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